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Framework to Reduce Recidivism

On June 29, 2021, An Act to Establish a Federal Framework to Reduce Recidivism (the Act) received Royal Assent. The Minister of Public Safety was given one year to develop and table the Recidivism Framework (by June 2022). The Act called on the Minister of Public Safety to engage partners and stakeholders to develop and implement a federal framework “that ensures the needs of people who have been incarcerated are met and support their rehabilitation.”  

CAEFS and our membership were consulted on the framework and provided feedback that centred on understanding the various external factors that contribute to recidivism and ensuring that the resources that are put in place acknowledge the systemic ways that people become criminalized. As a member of the NAACJ, CAEFS supported the development of a paper entitled “Reducing Recidivism: Shifting the Paradigm to Invest in Community” that was sent to the Minister.  

Currently the Framework does not have financial supports attached to it; however, this engagement has the potential to inform the decision-making processes related to policies and funding programs