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C-40 Brief to the HOC JUST Committee from the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies


November 28th, 2023

CAEFS presented to the HOC Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights.

BILL C-40 is an Act to amend the Criminal Code, to make consequential amendments to other Acts and to repeal a regulation (an act to change how Canada responds to wrongful convictions).

Presently, wrongfully convicted people face a lengthy process full of barriers that make convictions very hard to overturn. The act aims to reduce these barriers by establishing a Miscarriage of Justice Review Commission. This change is the result of an independent commission which heard from many wrongfully convicted people.

While CAEFS welcomes Bill C-40, we developed several recommendations to the committee to ensure the Act can meaningfully and comprehensively respond to the many issues in Canada’s current approach to wrongful convictions.