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Our Network

Members of the CAEFS’ Network photographed by Andrew Meade Photography.

At CAEFS, we often refer to ‘our network’ to describe the different groups of people who we collaborate with on a day-to-day basis to accomplish our work.

    Name Job Title
    Brianna Bourassa Lead Advocate – Northern/Pacific Regional Advocacy Team
    Emilie Coyle Executive Director
    Fiona Traynor Lead Advocate – Atlantic Regional Advocacy Team
    Jackie Omstead Lead Advocate – Ontario Regional Advocacy Team
    Jenn Martens Executive Assistant
    Loretta Baidoo Community Based Research Assistant
    Nyki Kish Associate Executive Director
    Kris MacMillan Prairies Advocacy Team Support

    Our membership is comprised of 22 local member societies. These local societies are located across this land known as Canada and offer critical front-line services to their communities. Each organization is self-governing, with its own board of directors, executive director, staff, and volunteer team. Knowing that we are stronger and more effective when we work together, local societies collaborate on key issues, best practices, and funding proposals. Local societies become members of CAEFS through an in-depth application process and sustain their membership through engagement, reporting, and annual membership dues.

    Click here to find your local Elizabeth Fry Society


    CAEFS’ 5 regional advocacy teams monitor the conditions of confinement in the six federal prisons designated for women and two regional psychiatric centers, and advocate alongside the people incarcerated there.

    Regional Team Federal Prison Psychiatric Center
    Atlantic Nova Institution for Women None
    Quebec Joliette Institution for Women Philippe-Pinel National Institute of Legal Psychiatry
    Ontario Grand Valley Institution for Women None
    Prairies Edmonton Institutino for Women & Okimaw Ochi Healing Lodge Regional Psychiatric Center
    Pacific Fraser Valley Institution None

    Regional advocates are trained by, and accountable to, CAEFS. Our teams are comprised of staff and leadership from local member societies, and volunteers from the broader community. Regional advocates are an integral part of our advocacy work, which you can read more about here.

    See our 2020 / 2021 annual report for a list of our regional advocates.


    Some local member societies have organized themselves into regional councils. The mandate of each council differs, but generally work to represent their local members and advocate for the issues impacting their communities on a provincial and regional level.

    Council of Elizabeth Fry Societies of Ontario (CEFSO)

    Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba Elizabeth Fry Societies (ASMEFS)

    Pacific Region Elizabeth Fry Societies (PREFS)

    Name Position Region
    Aleksandra Zajko Translator Québec
    Nancy Martel Board Member Atlantic
    Chantal Banman Board Member Pacific
    Alison Aho Secretary Atlantic
    Cory Roslyn President Ontario
    Kelly Potvin Board Member Ontario
    Kelly Redmond Board Member Ontario
    Micki Materi Board Member Pacific
    Nicole Obrigavitch Interim VP Prairies
    Debbie Carriere Robinson Board Member Ontario
    Diane Bergeron Board Member Québec
    Jennifer Murphy Board Member Pacific
    Kassandra Churcher Treasurer Québec
    Ruth Gagnon Board Member Québec
    Megan Rutherford Board Member Atlantic