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Click below to find out how to contact us and the ways that CAEFS, and your local Elizabeth Fry Society, can support you. 

  • If you are currently incarcerated, or supporting someone who is…

    Contact your regional advocacy team:   

    CAEFS offers support and advocacy to federally incarcerated women and gender-diverse people.  This work is mostly done through our 5 regional advocacy teams, who make regular visits to the federal prisons designated for women to monitor conditions of confinement and meet with prisoners.   

    Our regional advocates can:   

    • Support you in protecting and defending your rights while incarcerated.
    • Support you in writing complaints and grievances, and navigating other internal CSC processes.
    • Provide referrals to local Elizabeth Fry Societies, or other community organizations.  
    • Provide referrals to legal support and assistance.   

    In between visits, our teams can be contacted through our regional advocacy phone lines. These lines are toll-free and are on the common access list in their corresponding region (this means that you, or the person you are supporting, do not need to wait for our number to be added to their PIN).   

    Prison Regional Advocacy Team Phone Number
    Nova Institution    Atlantic   1-844-379-7624  
    Joliette Institution   Quebec    1- 844 – 489 -2116 ext. 235  
    Philippe-Pinel National Institute of Legal Psychiatry   Quebec   1- 844 – 489 -2116 ext. 235  
    Grand Valley Institution    Ontario   1-877- 674-2939  
    Okimaw Ochi Healing Lodge   Prairies (Saskatchewan)   1-888-934-4606  
    Regional Psychiatric Centre   Prairies (Saskatchewan)   1-888-934-4606  
    Edmonton Institution for Women   Prairies (Edmonton)    1-866-421-1175  
    Fraser Valley Institution   Pacific   1-888-315-1384  

     If you are currently in a federal prison designated for men, but are a woman, trans, non-binary, and /or Two-Spirit person – please contact our national office for support.   

    If you are currently incarcerated in a provincial prison designated for women, contact your local Elizabeth Fry Society to find out what resources and support may be available to you.   

    If you are unable to get through to your regional advocacy team, or would like to speak to a CAEFS staff member directly, you can reach the CAEFS office at 1-800-637-4606 or email us at

    Read our “Human Rights in Action” handbook 

    This handbook is designed to help women and gender diverse people incarcerated in federal prisons understand and access their rights. In it, we answer over 100 frequently asked questions and provide guidance on accessing remedies and resolutions when your rights have been violated.

  • If you are looking for services and support in the community…

    Contact your local Elizabeth Fry Society: 

    CAEFS membership is comprised of 24 Elizabeth Fry Societies from coast to coast. As a network, we specialize in programs that support criminalized and vulnerable people in our communities, with a particular focus on women. These supports include:

    • Bail and record suspension programs.
    • Group and individual counseling.
    • Employment and pre-employment.
    • Housing and housing supports.
    • Parenting programs.
    • Parole and release planning.
    • Court support and diversion.
    • And more.

    Each Elizabeth Fry Society will offer somewhat different programs and services, so be sure to check out their website to see how they can support you.

    You can find your closest Elizabeth Fry Society here.

  • If you are looking for legal support…

    CAEFS legal work is systemic, and we do not represent individual people.

    If you, or someone you are supporting, is currently incarcerated and requires legal representation for a disciplinary hearing or other prison-law matter please contact your regional advocacy team for a referral.

    Some local Elizabeth Fry Societies also offer free legal clinics. Check with your local Elizabeth Fry Society.

  • If you have questions about CAEFS or our work…

    Call Us:
    Monday – Thursday from 9:00am – 5:00pm Eastern (Ottawa) Time

    Email Us: