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Released Today: Framework to Reduce Recidivism


Today the Minister of Public Safety released the Framework to Reduce Recidivism.

The network of Elizabeth Fry Societies is eager to work with the minister in the coming year to build out supports and initiatives that address the root causes of criminalization – like poverty, racism, ongoing colonial violence, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, systemic bias within all levels of the Justice system, and more. As part of this work, we will continue to urge the government to take an intersectional approach to addressing the needs and challenges facing women and gender-diverse people in prison, and to prioritize funding community-based programs and supporting community connections.

Planning for a person’s release begins the day that they are incarcerated. Preventing a person’s incarceration (or re-incarceration) requires us to think far beyond individual programmatic responses – it requires systemic change.