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Elizabeth Fry Week 2024: Day 2!



This year for Elizabeth Fry Week, CAEFS is excited to spotlight some of the amazing programs and services offered by our membership organizations.

Today we are spotlighting: Elizabeth Fry Society of North Western Ontario!

Please see the following slides to see what amazing things they are up to!

Why does CAEFS believe in prison abolition?

The Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies is a national organization that represents the interests of criminalized women and gender diverse people, and supports a network of 22 Elizabeth Fry Societies nationally. 

The History 

Prior to 1993, CAEFS held a mandate of prison reform, and worked to improve the dismal conditions and outcomes experienced by women who became incarcerated in Canada. 

In June 1993, CAEFS passed a resolution on prison abolition, and recognized that despite all reform efforts, prisons consistently fail to meet their mandate; do not deter crime, and are unable to effectively assist in rehabilitation.  

As an organization, CAEFS has been committed ever since to creating effective alternatives to incarceration, and to raising awareness about the harms of incarcerating women, who overwhelmingly are incarcerated as a result of unmet social needs. 

CAEFS continues to work to improve conditions in prisons and outcomes for criminalized people, but recognizes that incarceration is not the answer.      

Learn more throughout Elizabeth Fry week 2024 about how prisons are harming public safety, and about the many community-based solutions which our network builds everyday as safe, effective alternatives to incarceration.