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Press Releases, Public Statements, and Open Letters

Press Releases

  • 2023
    March 2023: CAEFS and Elizabeth Fry Northern Alberta Call for a Systemic Response to Sexual Violence or Coercion Perpetrated by the Staff of Correctional Services of Canada (118kB, PDF) Download
    Nov 2023: Response to the 2022-2023 Annual Report of the Office of the Correctional Investigator   (173kB, PDF) Download
  • 2022
    November 2022: R v. Sharma – CAEFS Response to the “Confounding” Decision That “Ignores the Historic Disadvantage of Indigenous People” (131kB, PDF) Download
    August 2022: Canada must end “extreme”, prolonged solitary confinement (185kB, PDF) Download
    July 2022: Recommendations in Inquest into the Death of Delilah Blair – Systemic Change Is Needed (113kB, PDF) Download
    June 2022: Inquest into the Death of Delilah Blair: Outrage and Heartbreak Are Not Enough (76kB, PDF) Download
    April 2022: The Courage of Formerly Incarcerated Women leads to Former Correctional Officer at Nova Institution Pleading Guilty to Sexual Assault and Breach of Trust (141kB, PDF) Download
    February 2022: The Failure of Creating Choices: CAEFS Response to the Office of the Correctional Investigator’s 2020-2021 Annual Report (169kB, PDF) Download
  • 2021
    December 2021: Response to the OCI’s Recent Reporting “Proportion of Indigenous Women in Federal Custody Nears 50%” (134kB, PDF) Download
    November 2021: The Government Must Act to End Abusive Solitary Confinement (241kB, PDF) Download
    November 2021: Advocates Call on Government and CSC to Act to Protect the Rights of Trans Prisoners  (259kB, PDF) Download
    November 2021: Advocates Celebrate “Important win” Following the Striking Down of Inhumane Dry Cell Law in Nova Scotia (260kB, PDF) Download
    May 2021: Announcing the Launch of Elizabeth Fry Week 2021: Human Rights in Action (228kB, PDF) Download
    February 2021: Reproductive (In)Justice in Canadian Federal Prisons for Women (244kB, PDF) Download
  • 2020
    November 2020: By Any Other Name: a 15 Day Spotlight on Solitary Confinement (179kB, PDF) Download
    November 2020: Prisoner Challenges Law that Authorizes Extreme Form of Solitary Confinement (340kB, PDF) Download
    October 2020: CAEFS’ Response to The OCI’s Investigation into Sexual Coercion and Sexual Violence in Federal Correction (251kB, PDF) Download
    August 2020: Oversight of Segregation in Prisons not Operative: The Abolition of the Practice of Segregation is Necessary and Urgent (226kB, PDF) Download
    July 2020: Correctional Officer at the Grand Valley Institution Arrested for Sexual Assault Against Prisoner (164kB, PDF) Download
    April 2020: Alarming Infection Rates at Joliette Institution for Women (151kB, PDF) Download
    May 2020: Elizabeth Fry Week 2020 – Build Communities, Not Prison (88kB, PDF) Download
    May 2020: Former Correctional Officer at the Nova Institution for Women Arrested on Charges of Sexual Assault Against Prisoners (151kB, PDF) Download
    January 2020: Appalling and growing over-representation of Indigenous people in Canadian prisons highlighted by the Correctional Investigator (139kB, PDF) Download

Public Statements

  • 2024
    February 2024: How many deaths, how many inquests? Reflections from the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies on the Public Inquest into the Death of Terry Baker (129kB, DOCX) Download
  • 2022
    December 2022: Joint Statement in solidarity with Indigenous families mourning the murder of four Indigenous women (88kB, PDF) Download
    November 2022: Joint Statement on the Release of the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence (168kB, PDF) Download
    November 2022: CAEFS Response to the Office of the Correctional Investigators 2021-2022 Annual Report – Binding Oversight and Meaningful Change is Needed (115kB, PDF) Download
    October 2022: An Update from CAEFS on the Revision of our Organizational Positions (108kB, PDF) Download
  • 2021
    August 2021: Prisoners’ Justice Day 2021 (247kB, PDF) Download
    June 2021: CAEFS’ Public Statement Regarding a June 2nd, 2021 Open Letter (253kB, PDF) Download
    May 2021: “The Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Society’s Statement on the discovery of 215 children at a Kamloops Residential School” (224kB, PDF) Download
    February 2021: Statement on Bill C-22 (217kB, PDF) Download
  • 2020
    August 2020: Prisoners’ Justice Day 2020  (124kB, PDF) Download
    May 2020: Statement on Policing the Pandemic (60kB, PDF) Download

Open Letters

  • 2023
    January 2023: Letter from CCLA and CAEFS to PM Trudeau and Minister Lametti – Bail Reform (203kB, PDF) Download
    July 2023 – Letter to the Premiers: The Real Need for Bail/ Pre-Trial Detention Reform (300kB, PDF) Download
    Juillet 2023 – Lettre aux Premiers ministres: Le besoin réel d’une réforme de la libération sous caution et de la détention provisoire (530kB, PDF) Download
  • 2022
    June 2022: Body Worn Cameras – RCMP (644kB, PDF) Download
  • 2021
    September 2021: Letter of Solidarity with the Faquiri Family (343kB, PDF) Download
  • 2020
    March 2020: COVID-19 & Incarcerated Peoples  (147kB, PDF) Download
    March 2020: Depopulation of Federal Prisons (102kB, PDF) Download